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till the tree cutting season starts!

+++ Access road to Immerath blocked by an earth ridge and plank.
+++ 18.06.2021: RWE-Tribunal starts today
+++ 16.06.2021: Windows and doors of one house in Lützerath have been bricked up.
+++ 15.06.2021: Increased security presence in Lützerath
+++ 15.06.2021: Works on the road to Immerath
+++ 14.06.2021: New ridge banked up along L277 close to Immerath

Lützerath lives!

Lützerath is a village next to the open pit mine Garzweiler II, that is meant to be destroyed this year to mine lignite. We are here to counter the destruction. It is not at all necessary as survey of the German Institute for Economic Research showed.


To remain within 1.5°, Lützerath has to stay. Stop by and help out!


What's up?


03.07.2021; 12:00

Come to Lützerath and learn print on your tshirt using serigraphy.

What is needed?

1 ironed tshirt (not black) and then nothing more.

Way of the Cross for creation

04.07. - 01.08.2021

WE'll cary a cross from Gorleben to Garzweiler in the rhenish coal region. We will pass by the AKW Grohnde, the coal power station Datteln IV, the RWE main offices in Essen and will end in Lützerath. Information:


Workshop: "Actions for a future without cars"


The coutry requires a real mobility transition. This workshop shows the capabilities of a mobility transition – and many ideas for actions to enforce it.

Documentation "Danni"

10.07.2021; 22:00 Uhr

Testscreening of the documentation "Danni", by producer Alfred McGuffin, at the turnaround at the vigil in Lützerath.

Culture without Coal

01.- 22.08.2021

Culture without Coal means, showing openly, boisterously and united that ther should be: Arts & culture not coal & destruction.

The CuwiCo, a rhenish country party. More information:


Klimacamp Rheinland

04. - 18.08.2021

Climate camps are the heart of the climate movement. In the Rhineland we are also about alternative ways of living, creating connections, learn new things and go into action. More information under:


Lebenslaute - Campaign 2021

10.- 17.08.2021

With music and civil disobedience we will support the protest of threatened villages at the open pit mine Garzweiler.

For further information:


Gerd Schinkel -Live in concert

11.07.2021, 15:00 Uhr

Gerd Schinkels – second concert at the vigil in Lützerath with songs that weren’t written at his first concert in 2020. A lot has happened since and those are his sung reactions to it.