Protection and Hygiene Concept

Phone Sanis: 015175517662

Date: 12.11.2021

A Vaccination or recovery cannot replace compliance with the measures!

1. participation/arrival only tested

2. wear FFP2 mask
– Food queue and food distribution
– Villa (all communally used rooms): corridors, living room, office, kitchen
– outside circus tent, workshop and material tents, awareness, safer spaces,
coffee house, infopoint, actionpoint, garage, toilets, medi hut
—> for people who can’t wear masks please contact the sanis to find a
common solution

3. Hand and surface hygiene
– especially after going to the toilet
– before entering closed rooms
– before serving food

4. try to stay in your affinity groups

5. Regular Testing
– every Wednesday is test day
– every second day test on your own (test station at the medi hut)

6. suspected cases
In case of (cold) symptoms (fever, cough, etc.), please contact the paramedics
immediately, get tested and reduce contacts.

7. in case of a positive rapid test
– Carry out PCR test immediately
– Quarantine until the result of the PCR test is known
– in case of a positive PCR test further information on the back

In general
With the current incidence, the following concept must be strictly followed in order
to be able to be together at this camp and to enable safe participation for all. The
concept was approved in the Camp Plenary (12.11.) and is based on the current
RKI recommendations as well as previous experiences of the paramedics.

Arrival Information
Please remind those arriving to test themselves beforehand and to refrain from
arriving if they have symptoms of illness or a positive rapid test.
Please bring your own tests if possible and donate more to the paramedics!
Please also bring several of your own masks, in case of emergency there is a
limited supply at the Infopoint/Sanis/Küfa

In case of a positive PCR test:
We will work together to ensure a safe departure or set up a quarantine area on the
camp in cooperation with the sanis and the health department. Contact persons
also go into quarantine for 5 days.

Let’s take care of each other, so we can be dangerous together!