What’s important?


29. October to 5. November 2021


A week packed with Workshops, music, discussion an skill-share



For whom?

For you, for us, for all!

Now seriously:

The “Unräumbar” (non-evictionable) is a festival, therefore every evening we’ll have music, starting with singer-songwriters and not even ending with DJ’s. Moreoverwe’ll have a nice programme planned, where you will be able to learn loads of new things an share your skills. That means:

From the 29th. to 31.st there are 2-3 Workshops planned regarding but not limited to the following topics: Anti-Racism, queer-feminism, transformation-strategies and climate justice. From the 01st of November until 05th ther will be climbing, legal and other practial skillshares.

A little Teaser for the line up:

Here are some pictures of our passed events like the skillshare in ocotber and the kuloko: