Delegation Lützerath:

Caravan for Water and Life

Many rebellious places and a common path

We also know that only united we can win the fight against capitalism. That is why we want to invite you to be part of the Caravan for Life. With this caravan we want to make visible the many struggles of brothers and sisters defending life, and strengthen our common articulation as places of resistance.

– Invitation to the Caravan for Water and Life from the Pueblos Unidos de Cholulteca to the residents of Lützerath.

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The Pueblos Unidos of Cholulteca have invited us. Invited us to be part of a caravan that visits different places of indigenous resistance against environmentally destructive megaprojects in Mexico. We are a delegation from Lützerath, a tiny village in the Rhineland that has been defying the lignite excavators for months.

The “Caravan for Water and Life” will start at a focal point in the struggle for life and water: San Mateo Cuanalá.

Bonafont, a brand of the DANONE corporation, has been stealing water there for 29 years. Last year, local residents, members of the indigenous Nahua tribe, decided in an assembly that they could no longer tolerate the drying up of their land. They stopped the bottling of water and opposed drought, extractivism and death: Altepelmecalli, the Peoples’ House, formerly a water bottling factory, became a community center and place of self-organization.

From this place, the people of the region built their autonomy with self-organized projects on issues such as health, cooperatives, women’s organization and justice.

Der Eingang der Besetzenb Wasserfabrik

And although the National Guard invaded the community center on February 15, destroying the murals, the library and all other structures that served life, and the facility has since been guarded by a private security company, the local people have announced that they will not allow the water theft to continue.
Because water means life, especially in a world that has already heated up by 1.2 degrees.

Despite the attack on their livelihood and their right to self-determination, the Pueblos Unidos de Cholulteca, the organized local residents, are planning the Caravan for Water and Life. This will visit places of resistance over the course of a month. And despite all differences, from San Mateo Cuanalá to Lützerath, strengthen the common: The fight against capitalism and for life.

The seeds of a more just world, sown in Altepelmecalli and which no armed unit will ever be able to destroy, have thus reached us in Europe. Through the caravan and the many places of resistance we will visit, we hope to make these seeds sprout also in the German climate movement. So that we can oppose global capitalism with a global struggle for life.

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