Lützi lives!

We’ve been in Lützerath for about a year and remain active against the destruction RWE commits just some hundred metres from us. We do not accept, that the environment is destroyed further on, though there could have been good alternatives for a long time already. We act against the reckless destruction of plant, humam and animal habitats.

We cannot keep up yesterday. It ist time to act!

Lignite is the the highest emission fuel. Each ton of raw lignite leads to one ton of CO² when burned. The rhenish lignite minng area is allowed to hastened the climate crisis with another 650.000.000 tons of coal (Garzweiler alone). That’s sixfold the amount permissible to stay within the limits of the 1,5° goal. It is not acceptable that we act so carelessly. Via our wastefull living standards, through the merciless exploitation of the planet (especially by countries of the global north) more and more living beings loose the foundation of their existence (especially in the global south).

We want the good life for all instead of increasing profits for the richest.

WE canmot continue living governed by fears: The fear of unemployment, fear of the Other, fear of not being enough! We want to find new forms of community. Such that teach us to act together instead of against each other. Forms of being that lead us away from overconsumption and social estrangement. We search for ways into a solidary future.

United we stand strong.