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DEMO 12.11. at 12 o’clock

Millions of people worldwide are already losing their livelihoods due to the climate crisis – in the last decade, more than 20 million people have had to leave their homes each year. While the heads of state and government are meeting in Egypt to discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement, we are demonstrating in Lützerath where Germany’s responsibility lies.

There is no justice in a racist system!

We want to draw attention to this and want to organize a revolutionary BIPoc & accomplices-block
at the big demo in Lützerath.

… you can find the whole call under the travel info!

News and details to the demonstration here: www.alle-doerfer-bleiben.de/demo


There are 3 train stations that are not too far away:

    Erkelenz (VRS, approx. 10km)
    Hochneukirch Bf (VRR, approx. 10km)
    Herrath (VRR, approx. 8km)

From Erkelenz and Hochneukirch train station there will be busses shuttling you directly to the demo.
There from Erkelenz and Hochneukirch Bhf: 10 to 12:30 o’clock
Back from Lützerath: 15 to 17:30 o’clock
If you can go by bike, of course, this will relieve us.

It is best to approach Lützerath from the south and park on the L19 between Jackerath and Holzweiler. For people with limited mobility there will be a small shuttle from the L19 to Lützi.

There will be joint bus arrivals from various cities in Germany.
Bad Nenndorf, Berlin, Duisburg, Freiburg, Cologne, Hamburg, Hannover, Regensburg, Saarbrücken, Witten, Wuppertal…
Have a look here: https://fffutu.re/4o6Y1o

What is going on in Lützerath right now? Check out the latest Lützi News:

You want to help us mobilize? Cool! Have a look here.

Most importantly, tell your friends about the demo and arrange to come together!

So far it is clear: The demonstration will start at 12 o’clock.
There will be speeches on human rights and the COP27, on #LossAndDamage and solidarity with the many political struggles! #FreeAlaa & #iranprotests
There will be music by Enis Okumusoglu and others!

CALL BY BIPoc & accomplices
There is no justice in a racist system!

We want to draw attention to this and want to organize a revolutionary BIPoc & accomplices-block
at the big demo in Lützerath to show that politics, be it in parliaments or at climate summits like the
COP27, only ever delivers false promises and thus reproduces colonial, sexist & ableist social
structures. Governments are not aligned with what the Most Affected People and Areas (MAPAs)
are demanding: Representation, decision-making power, reparations!
Governments and studies carried out permanently exclude historical emissions and thus assume a
CO² budget for countries in the Global North that they are no longer entitled to. We have no more
CO² budget and must act accordingly!
For climate justice all emissions have to be stopped. And we have to do it now!

When? 12.11.2022 (12:00 o‘clock)
Where? 41812 Erkelenz at the vigil in Lützerath
Who? BIPoc & accomplices
Dresscode? Colourful triangular cloths and toned down clothing welcome

Change comes from the people!
It is in our power to change something. Even if state and society try to talk us out of it again and again and present themselves as “the solution” to all problems. At the same time they are significantly involved in maintaining a system that has caused, reproduces and exacerbates them. This is evident in a number of ways:
* For decades, the Global North has made empty promises while continuously exploiting the Global South economically and environmentally . Industrialized countries deliberately lead countries of the Global South into further debt and thus dependency – this is modern colonialism!
* So-called “climate targets” are set – whether 1.5° or 2° – which hide the fact that there is already an urgent need for action. In order to meet these “targets”, industries develop in the global North – which make huge profits by meeting these. Already 1.2° of warming is hell for millions of people worldwide!
* Private households get an electricity price cap at 40 ct per kWh – BUT industry will have to pay no more than 13 cents! This shows: The coal under Lützerath isn’t needed to live well. Lützerath is to be destroyed to feed the energy demands of a steadily growing destructive capitalist industry.
* People who rebel against the system, experience again and again criminalization and repressions (like recently for example the Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah who – last – was sentenced because he dared to report about the torture he experienced in prisons in Egypt, the country where the COP27 is held. He is only one of nearly 800 political prisoners there, worldwide many more are imprisoned or persecuted because they do not simply accept the conditions, but protest. Free Alaa! Free all prisoners! We don’t appeal to politics but work out alternative solutions that are oriented towards the wellbeing of all and not exclusively towards that of a human, white, rich, male, physically and mentally ‘healthy’ minority. We are powerful, we are loud! We will not be held down! We take change into our own hands! We fight together: antiracist, queer-feminist & anti-ableist. Side by side as accomplices.

On 12.11.2022 at the big demo in Lützerath and on every other day