FAQs Lützerath

Come to Lützerath from October on. The first preparatory works to demolish the houses already take place, the tree cutting season begins on 1st October.

We want to prevent that Lützerath is destroyed in favor of the coal. It can’t be said for sure that it will start on the 1st… But if it should happen it is important that many people are in Lützerath. Lützerath is for the next years the last place where the destruction can be stopped, the place where the coal exit will be decided.

There are 3 train stations that are not too far away, as well as some bus stations that are within walking distance. In addition, it is also quite possible to come here by bike or by car.

You still have places available or are looking for a ride? Join the group “Mitfahrbörse Lützerath” on Telegramm (https://t.me/MaWaLu) and post it there…

More detailed information can be found on our directions page (http://luetzerathlebt.info/arrival/).

Let us know if you don’t speak German (so well). We’ll try to find someone to translate in situations when it’s needed into a language that you speak. In general we try to reduce language barriers.

The website is also avilable in English.

First of all… If possible, test yourself before you come here in order to exclude as much as possible that Covid travels with you to Lützerath. If this is not possible, please test yourselves when you arrive (we have a limited amount of tests) before you jump into the action.

In addition, we will keep our distance from each other and wear medical masks if this is not possible. If you are indoors or helping with food preparation, a mask must be worn.

So much for the key data on how we deal with Corona… The Corona concept in long form you will find shortly HERE.

We have written a list of these things, including the important things that you should definitely bring if you have them. In addition, there are the nice-to-haves that will make the whole thing more comfortable for you.

You are missing something on the list? Feel free to come by anyway… We have a certain amount of most of the things you need in stock.

Packing List (Important):

+ Tent, (winter) sleeping bag and sleeping pad (you can also bring a second old one to sit on).

+ Weatherproof, warm clothes, preferably clothes that you can wear in layers if it is colder:

  • Rain / winter jacket
  • Wool socks (at least two pairs)
  • Thermal underwear
  • Hat, scarf, gloves
  • Hose cloth and rain poncho
  • Sturdy shoes (which may get dirty, e.g. hiking or winter boots)

+ Hygiene products
+ Refillable water bottle
+ Medication that you will need on a regular basis

+ If you normally wear contact lenses, bring a pair of glasses to be on the safe side

+ A full second set of dry clothes, can be the biggest luxury of all

Packing List: Nice to have

+ Snacks: nuts, bars, chocolate or whatever you like to snack on.

+ Earplugs

+ Hot water bottle and pocket warmer

+ Flashlight or headlamp

+ Cell phone with powerbank

+ Climbing harness and/or other sport climbing equipment

+ A good book, crossword puzzles, a Sudoku booklet (don’t forget a pen) or card games

+ If you are even halfway proficient: feel free to bring an instrument. The more robust the better

+ Tools (cordless screwdrivers, foxtails, etc)

When you come to Lützerath you don’t need to worry about sensitive items like your cell phone or other things that could reveal your identity, because right now the place where people are staying is private property of the farmer who is in the process of expropriation, so your items can be safely stored here even if you plan to go into action.

From 01.11 this circumstance will change, because then the right of ownership of the land (through the “immediate transfer of possession”) will presumably pass into RWE’s possession. We are currently planning to set up another area where people will still be able to stay legally and to provide storage facilities for sensitive items. At the moment we do not have the necessary details ready to publish them, but will do so as soon as possible (and well before it becomes relevant) on this page.

In short? No.

And in long: Some local people had already been to different places of resistance – in the Hambi, in the Danni or somewhere else. Others came here with absolutely no experience in occupations and the like. They learned to climb and build here or if that was more their thing they got involved in repro and orga tasks. Here everyone is involved: there is a daily plenary at 10am to discuss the tasks ahead, there is an introduction for newcomers where relevant information is given and then you can get started…

Feel free to ask if you need more information, are interested in a task or want to learn something. Be it building, social media and press relations, climbing or anything else, there is almost always one that can give you a skillshare.

We are currently building a sani structure that can help with some things.

In addition, we have an awareness team on site for cases of discriminatory and transgressive behavior, which you can contact in this case, because for us it must be part of social change to dismantle this. Discrimination takes place on an everyday and systemic level, together we want to work already today towards a more solidary and just future.

Yes, there is. The Rhineland EA (phone: ) will be available for inquiries from and around Lützerath. Be sure to get an EA number with which you can identify yourself to the EA before you go into action. You will find lists with numbers here in Lützi and soon you will be able to create an EA number online here on the website.

Right now we have access to running water, there is a secure power supply and internet that – depending on the number of people using it – sometimes works better or worse (it is actually always good enough to participate in conference calls etc.).

This may change over time… When it does, we will write about it here.

There is always the possibility to prepare hot water for hot water bottles, if you want to warm up properly you can usually find the possibility to sit in a heated room for a while.

There are many ways to support us. First of all, on site: What exactly happens changes from day to day. There are daily tasks – like washing up, cutting veggies and cleaning toilets – that are super important for anything to happen here.

There is building going on practically every day, be it tree houses, towers or tripods, and people are always needed to help… Or come and learn to climb and be there when the eviction begins.

You can also organize demos and information booths in your city, make the fight for Lützerath strong in your political group or organize a collective arrival so that many people can come to Lützerath.

Besides your personal commitment, things like building and climbing material or donations to get things that unfortunately can not be organized otherwise, are always needed. If you want to support us with donations visit for more information: http://luetzerathlebt.info/en/donations