Dispossesion of the last farmer

According to present information Eckhardt Heukamp will be dispossesed in November. He filed a law suit to counter the proceedings.


Upcoming tree cutting season

From October trees can be cut down again. Preventive measures are taken to avoid that.


Demolition of Houses

The demolitions take several weeks, during which diverse protest takes place.


Tree clearance

After the uprooting of trees along the L277, trees in Lützerath are also cut down.


Founding of the vigil

With the intended demolition of the L277, resistance starts to stir in Lützerath.


(Planned) End of resettlement

Acoording to RWEs plans resettlement should have been finished by:


Start of Resettlement

Based on the lignite plan from february 2006 the resettlement in Lützerath started:


Founding Date

The first documented mention of Lützerath.


Lützerath is one of the six villages at the Garzweiler open pit mine threatened by destruction. The edge of the mine steadily moves closer.

The destruction of the village is plainly obvious in the following picture:


The village Lützerath is first mentioned – under a slightly different name – in 1168 and comes to its present name in 1681. At fist the hamlet (= small village) consists of three farms of which nowadays only the latter ones remain:


Junkershof (from the end of 14th century – 21.01.2021)

Neuwerker- or Paulshof (1168 – ???)

Duisserner-, Mönchs- or Wachtmeisterhof (1168 – ???)


The number of inhabitants in Lützerath was 105 in 1970, but with RWE buying villages steadily decreased till 2019. With the upcoming of resistance in Lützerath the dynamics changed massively. The small hamlet developed into a cristallization point of the resistance against the continuing climate destruction by international companies.

Lützerath has a place in the history of the climate justice movement. In 2015 the action group Ende Gelände which strives to take climate justice in its own handsand utilises actions of civil disobedience to send a widely visible signal towards real climate justice.

In the same year, as well as the following the Klimacamp Rheinland took place in Lützerath. In the year 2021 it is supposed to take place in Lützerath again.

On 20.07.2020 the base for constant protest against the destruction caused by RWE developed from the planned demolition of the L277 between Lützerath and Keyenberg. It has been going for almost a year now. Following the demonstration a religious service took place, which continued into the early hours of the 21st, when demolition vehicles arrived. Several people blocked the road, people climbed on diggers and on the 22nd the vigil in Lützerath was started.

The vigil was continued afterwards and has been a meeting and information point, at which people from the villages, activists and interested people got together and sent out a united sign against the dirtiest fossil fuel. By now the tree row in front of the vigil was replaced with a earth ridge, we have spent a winter with temperatures up to -13° and are still present 24 hours, 7 days and show – with our presence – that we don’t accept that for th profits of a few the climate crisis is further increased.

From the 5th november tree cutting works in Lützerath started. Within a week hundreds of trees where cut down in RWEs order. Countless animals – from birds, overinsect, to small mammals – lost their homes as a result. People got active against the destruction.

Even on the first of the “works” people climbed onto trees and blocked the entrance to the areas wher etrees were cut down. There was an attempt to enter the area in which a harvester (= agricultural vehicle, used for cutting down trees) destroyed  small forest, which was stopped early on by security and police forces though.

Many people came to Lützerath and in the following days people climbed on trees and into traverses (= ropes that are attached between two points) again and again, utilised tripods (= three-legged constructs in which  a person can sit) and blocked roads to inhibit the ongoing destruction. The association All Villages Remain organised vigils and several demostrations took place. During that time there was massive police presence during “work times” which eased the progress of the destructive deeds enormouosly.

In January resistance flared up in Lützerath again. This time caused by the preparations for demolishing works on four houses in Lützerath. In the early hours of the 05.01.2021 a group of people successfully climbed the roof of “Lützerath 1”. This was the start of about 2 1/2 weeks of intense resistance during which roofs, streets and “equipment” were occupied repeatedly. The resistance was diverse and like in november there were several demonstrations, there was a resistant twelth day and vigils.

A lot has happened in Lützerath within the last year. In Lützerath people countered the destruction and revived the village

The resistance hasn’t been local only: As well as possible under the given corona-restrictions people in the cities organised vigils and supported the protest from afar. That way community was created, that is willed to engage itself for Lützerath, that will make the destruction visible and will get into its way whereever possible.

We will not accept the profit-oriented destruction by RWE and other companies. We will remain loud and resistant.

We prepare ourselves for the day when RWE wants to continue the destruction of the village and will defend each metre, because the coal has to stay in the ground.

We are solidary with each other and all that suffer under the present system. We need a system change, not a climate catastrophe!


Come by and help out. In lützerath we stand up for a just future for all and against the proceeding of the climate crisis. The more we are, the more we can achieve!