We are a resistant region and as such the most important thing is that people come by and are motivated to help out.

What happens exactly changes from day to day, but one thing’s for sure: Something is up always.

There are daily tasks – such as doing the dishes, cooking and cleaning the toilet – that are super important for anything to run at all and then there are things to do that feel really resistant…


Come by and find your way to support the resistance.

We get a lot of support within the region, are in contact with local associatons such as “Alle Dörfer Bleiben” (ADB) and “Kirchen im Dorf lassen” (KiDl). Recently the Rheinland-EA – that offers support in certain legal matters – got into contact with us and will be there for us in if we need it.

For more information (or when needed):

Alle Dörfer Bleiben:

Kirchen im Dorf lassen:

Rheinland-EA: 017695419868

Apart from people supporting the resistance it takes some material goods and money. If you can imagine supporting us that way, take a look the category “Donations”, where you can find a recent wish list, as well as the details of our donations account.