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Dear all from the climate justice movement,

This autumn, in Germany, a huge red line is about to be crossed. If Germany is to adhere to its carbon ‘budget’ for a 50% (!) chance of staying under the 1.5°C limit, there must be absolutely no expansion of existing coal mines. Yet in the Rheinland, the coal company RWE is about to destroy a village, Lützerath, for its plans to dig out more lignite, and release 650 million tonnes of CO 2 . If these plans go unabated, Germany will burn through its carbon budget for coal mines by 2023.

We cannot let this happen and, for over a year, the place has been occupied in collaboration with a local farmer refusing to leave his land, but now threatened by forcible eviction.

On 1 st October, the clearing season starts; from then on, the trees in Lützerath are threatened. Expropriation proceedings are currently underway against the last farmer (Eckardt Heukamp) in Lützerath — he is fighting his eviction in court, but there is still an “early possession order” being
pushed by RWE for Eckardt’s land, and if it passes, it would take effect on 1 st November. Court proceedings are also underway against it. However, there is a huge risk that courts will not stop the early possession order before 1 st November, which means the farmer’s property will pass to RWE on that day — from then on, all his land will be evicted and destroyed, open to coal being dug up until there is nothing left.

Construction to defend Lützerath is running at full tilt right now. Tree houses, towers, and huts are sprouting all over. But above all, it needs a lot of people to be here at critical times, and be there with their bodies to support the structures, to defend Lützerath!

If you want to find out how you and your group can support, join one of the online meetings, every Thursday at 18:00 CEST, from 30 th September. If you are a group, please send one or two delegates to join. The link for the meeting is:

If you’d like an info call in your language, don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll do our best to organise one!

Overview of important dates:

🪵 1 st October: beginning of clearing season, with the action „Platznehmen“ (“take a seat/sit
down”), of „Alle Dörfer bleiben“ (“all villages stay”)
🏚 10 th October: walk through the village
🦫 29 th October – 5 th November: ANTI-DEMOLITION SKILLSHARE and „Unräumbar“
(“unevictable”) FESTIVAL with PROTEST CAMP
🚨 1 st November: probable start of evictions

With love & rage for and from Lützerath

Your #Lützilebt crew