Thank-you letter for international support

Dear supporters, Yvonne Toba from No-Vox (Côte D’Ivoire), Luce Benedicte from Ras Le Bol (Congo-Brazzaville), Teddy Mazina from Sindumja (Burundi), Abdou Kandji from Y’en a Marre (Senegal), Gacheke Gachiki from MathareSocial Justice Center (Kenya), Ali Cham (Killa Ace) from Gom Sa Bopp (Gambia), Foly Satchivi from

1,5° are not negotiable

There is a new survey, which is positive in two respects from our point of view: 1. It refers to the 1,5°-aim (contrary to previous surveys), which for us poses the threshhold that mustn‘t be passed. 2. it includes Lützerath and points out that Lützerath doesn‘t need